April 2013, A Storm is coming!

The sky is actually looking a lot like this today. Summer Storms yay!

April 2013, Shadows

April 2013, Merry-Go-round

The Stroll #2

Sometimes I look at those empty seats while taking a walk to shoot and it’s almost as if I can see all those who sat there. All the kisses, the disputes and the love exchanged in this place. Sometimes I wander around wishing it was a story about silly me but it’s not; since I’m standing there taking a picture of this emptyness…

Another take at this spot. I actually took several pictures along with the one I posted a few days ago. I had a hard time figuring out which one I like the most. I ended up posting the one with the two girls first because I felt that it have more narrative capability to it.

Which one do you like better?

Untitled on Flickr.

(on Flickr!)

Silent Reader (on flickr)

She was standing on the bench, reading a book, felt much like a stalker while taking this one with the nice sunset on the background.

Take a Turn (on flickr)

Small stop to watch the sunset :)

Contemplating the sun set!

Sun sets.