Last summer with Alex.

August 2012, Montargis.

June 2012, Marion.

June 2012, Marion.

June 2012, Marion.

October 2012, Amel

October 2012, Amel.

Another throwback. Still cruising through old pictures and playing with Photoshop.

Throwback June 2012 #2

Another photo of Marion that was lost in my hdd.

Throwback June 2012!

I wanted to post something for international women’s day, so when I stumbled on this old picture of Marion I haven’t posted previously well I couldn’t resist.

Went out to get some shots in the snow yesterday and I also got this awesome portrait of me taken by my mom :)

More to come when I develop my roll of film.

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Emma #1

I was spending time at emma’s place and we were bored so we ended up doing a photo shoot. I only had my analog with me, no meter and no strobe so I had to improvise something. It was a pretty funny experience :)

Monday morning lazyness…

And she’s gone!

Last photo from the set with Amel (#11)