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First post in months. I’m so proud of me. The lab did screw up the scans but what the hell, I’ve new material to share :)

I’m thinking about going full analog.

I’ll dump and sell all of my digital photography tools and keep to the olympus and film since 80% of my pictures now are made with analogue anyway so I don’t see the point of keeping my nikon D90 and all of my lenses that I barely even use anymore.

It’s a pretty big move and I’m not entirely sure about it but hey, one got to take risks some times.

March 2013 - On top of the world ! (sort of)

This is probably my personal favorite from this ektar roll. The blue cast is not too apparent in this one.

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Morning light through the curtains.

This is what happens when I mess with snapseed.

March 2013, Moonlight.

March 2013, Moon hiding behind the clouds.

Valence park #2

Continuing with my pictures of the park in Valence.

This one was definitely worth posting there. (Cold) Sunny afternoon walk :)

Went out to get some shots in the snow yesterday and I also got this awesome portrait of me taken by my mom :)

More to come when I develop my roll of film.

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Blue sky, Wandering Lies.

Well this is one of my revival shots, when I finally found the strengh to go hunt the city again. By the way, it was freezing despite the sun.

Fall leaves.

This is a photo I took at the beginning of fall.

This feels like so long ago now.

Monday morning lazyness…

Last tramway home…