En attendant le train (While waiting for the subway) on Flickr.

March 2011, this is OLD.


Alba in B&W

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August 2012, Paris skyline from the suburbs.

July 2012, The canal.

Paris and her ferries.

January 2011, Pont des arts (Seen from the Louvre).

November 2010, Louvre museum.

November 2010, Louvre Museum.

November 2010, Louvre Museum.

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June 2012, Marion.

June 2012, Marion.

Sunrise at la defense

Looking Back!

I took this one while going out with friends for a drink. It was an awesome night.

Last days of summer.

Chillin’ with some friends at the end of summer :)



Camera - check!

Eye - Check!

Stalker outfit - err check !

Well that’s it, i’m just another stalker over the corner or some might say that I do stuff that looks like street photography. I hunt for those moments were the granny looked at the picture of the beautiful lady thinking about how she used to be. That’s what I do and like in photography but hell i’m no Cartier-Bresson though I hope I can be good like him someday. I also do portraits sometimes for fun. In a nutshell, I love pictures and photography, that’s why I can’t stop snapping like crazy, check my blog and see for yourselves!

I just joined the lensblr community, isn’t it awesome :)

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