October 2012, Amel

Charlotte #2 (On Flickr!)

Charlotte #1 (on Flickr!)

(on Flickr!)

Oh tease me!

Well well well, My series of portraits from two weeks ago are ready and I’m about to share them, I’m just waiting for the shots on my roll of film that’ll get processed soon enough. Until then another tease and some old street picture upcoming!

Stay tuned folks

Sneak peek from an upcoming series of portraits. Stay tuned folks!

Dance With Me (on Flickr)

I took this one at the same time as the photo “Invite me to dance”. I was watching the scene and instead of taking only the picture of the lonely lady, I also took one of the marvelous dancers. Maybe one day I’ll dance there too, but I’ve to practice first :)

Invite me to dance (on flickr)

Well they were valsing in the middle. She was standing there watching with some roses in her hand maybe waiting for the right dancing mate to come get her.

Silent Reader (on flickr)

She was standing on the bench, reading a book, felt much like a stalker while taking this one with the nice sunset on the background.

Take a Turn (on flickr)

Reflecting (on flickr)

Sleeping on the stairs, reflecting upon one self. Wondering what he was dreaming about.