August 2012, Charlotte.

I’m trying new things for my editing process on portraits.

August 2012, Brenda


Alba in B&W

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December 2012, Emma in her flat #3

December 2012, Emma in her flat #2

December 2012, Emma in her flat.

Pictures I didn’t post before but in color this time :)

June 2012, Marion.

June 2012, Marion.

June 2012, Marion.

Throwback June 2012 #2

Another photo of Marion that was lost in my hdd.

I really really really want to do a series of portraits outdoor with a red head. If you know one willing to do so in Lille / Paris, let me know. I’ll be in your debt forever and always :)

J’ai vraiment vraiment vraiment envie de faire une série de portraits en extérieur avec une Rousse. Si vous en connaissez / ou si vous êtes partante pour le faire sur Lille ou Paris, laissez moi un message. Je vous en serais reconnaissant pour toujours!


I just learned the hard way that film is more tolerant to over exposure than it is to under exposure, darn I should have used the darn reflector :(

The photo came out quite alright after a few tweaks though.