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First post in months. I’m so proud of me. The lab did screw up the scans but what the hell, I’ve new material to share :)

October 2012 / Amel #3

En attendant le train (While waiting for the subway) on Flickr.

March 2011, this is OLD.

August 2012, Brenda


Alba in B&W

(via visualmadness)

July 2012, The canal.

Paris and her ferries.

November 2010, Louvre museum.

November 2010, Louvre Museum.

The alps.

View from my current “home”.

Emma #1

I was spending time at emma’s place and we were bored so we ended up doing a photo shoot. I only had my analog with me, no meter and no strobe so I had to improvise something. It was a pretty funny experience :)