April 2013, Reflections

" Somewhere It’s always spring "

Summer is (almost) there but I long for the spring we didn’t have this year. If it’s always spring somewhere, I want to move there and never come back.

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April 2013, Little waterfall


untitled by Ghislain_0 on Flickr.

My first picture to have more than 3k views on flickr. ^^

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April 2013, The fisherman




About this blog:

This blog is operated by photographers for photographers! So please, spread this post around so we can start sharing your work with other film loving people! The blog itself will consist of submissions from you guys, and once we begin to gain a good following, we will start doing some other fun stuff like monthly themes where you can submit photos based off of the particular theme. The goal of this blog is to share the different viewpoints of film photographers, from black and white to color, even alternative processes like wet plate! It’s all accepted here. 

If you have any questions you can ask us here

So with all of that, start submitting those photos! we would love to see them! 

Started up a new blog! Check it out! 

I’m helping Chris curate this blog. If you take your own pictures, definitely consider submitting your work. 

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April 2013, Back Alley

I love this melody. It’s so peaceful.

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October 2012 / Amel #5

October 2012 / Amel #4

October 2012 / Amel #3

October 2012 / Amel #2

October 2012 / Amel #1

I’ve finished editing (or should I say re-editing) the first set of pictures that was gathering dust in my hdd. I’m pretty happy with the result and will do the same with some others shot very very soon.

I’ll begin the spamming in a few minutes, but it’s just 5 shots so it’s not that much of a spamming!

Gorges de l’ardêche on Flickr.

Summer 2011, It was a fun little trip!