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Camera shy…

untitled on Flickr.

untitled on Flickr.

untitled on Flickr.

First post in months. I’m so proud of me. The lab did screw up the scans but what the hell, I’ve new material to share :)

I have “new” pictures to post but I’m too lazy to process them because they were scanned poorly at the lab… 

Give me strenght my friends…

Hello dear followers,

My life have been on a rollercoaster for the past two months, I barely had time to update my tumblr. I’ve been moving, traveling and starting a new job. The days are long and that gives me even less time to take pictures. I’m still working out a schedule and a way to squeeze in photography in my plans. I have to do that anyway because well not taking snaps makes me sad and miserable!

Anyway, I still have a bit of a backlog to post here and two rolls of film ready to be processed (hopefully before Christmas).

Stay classy people and thanks for sticking out with old me.

April 2013, Untitled

April 2013, Candy Porn

Untitled, April 2013

All hail the activity button. It’s pretty neat, a bit like the stats on flickr but you don’t have to pay for it. Thank you tumblr staff

April 2013, A Storm is coming!

The sky is actually looking a lot like this today. Summer Storms yay!

April 2013, Fences

what film are you using?

Thanks for the feedback julia :) Lately I’ve been rocking the kodak portra 160 iso. It’s super sharp with very cool colors, not too saturated.

April 2013, Old fort